Katie Crager '18 Named Delco Outstanding Female Athlete of the Year
Katie Crager '18 Named Delco Outstanding Female Athlete of the Year

Senior Katie Crager has been named Outstanding Female Athlete of the Year by the Delaware County Athletes Hall of Fame.

Katie is co-captain of the Varsity Girls' lacrosse and field hockey teams. She holds EA's school record for career points (300) in lacrosse and also set a new school record for points scored in a season (101).

"Katie is a uniquely talented field hockey and lacrosse athlete. She is constantly challenging herself to improve in all areas," said Athletic Director Gina Buggy, Hon. "Her work ethic is unparalleled and her sense of team is admirable! Her physical abilities, combined with her other impressive qualities make her an elite athlete deserving of this prestigious award."

"It makes me feel great. Naturally, it brings me to a place of reflection of how I got to this point of recognition and honor," observed Katie. "I think about all the really hard times, early mornings, and failures that were true defining moments for me. I think about the people that have helped me along the way. The places that became so familiar to play and practice on. The steadfast passion that I have had to cultivate."

Katie started playing on the varsity lacrosse team as an 8th grader. As a junior, Katie was named U.S. Lacrosse 1st Team All-American, Inter-Ac MVP and 1st Team All-Delco in lacrosse. She has been selected for 1st Team All Inter-Ac and 2nd Team All-Delco for field hockey.

"I enjoy being a multi-sport athlete," said Katie. "Playing field hockey allowed me to be part of a team and compete and not feel the pressure and expectations I put on myself during my lacrosse season. The two sports served as a great balance for me. In general I love trying new sports and being active. I consider myself a tennis player, boxer, and even a swimmer."

Capping her high school lacrosse career, Katie made 1st Team All Inter-Ac, All-Delco, and is a senior All-Star selection.

One of her favorite memories is playing on EA teams with her older sisters. "I loved the opportunity to play with my sisters (Lilly '15, Jane '15) early on in my EA sports career. I played with them during field hockey season and lacrosse," said Katie. "I definitely took being on a team with them for granted at the time but looking back that experience was truly special. We are incredibly close and sharing the game I love with them was so amazing."

Katie, along with other awardees, will be recognized at a luncheon on June 6.

Katie will continue to play lacrosse at Georgetown University.

"I also want to highlight the absolute need for a strong mentality to accomplish any goal someone might have. I credit my success to my strong mentality," shared Katie. "I have worked with Niyi Sobo, a sports motivation coach, who has instilled an unbreakable fearlessness in me as an athlete. From him, I have also developed mentality systems and a structure for performing at my best. All these tools and lessons I have learned in my life, I have collected on Motivation Via People, a website my sisters and I created to share the power of motivation that we have experienced."