Katharine Harrar '21 Named 2019 Lilley Fellow
Katharine Harrar '21 Named 2019 Lilley Fellow

Sophomore Kat Harrar has been named the 2019 Lilley Fellow.

"Kat's project has the possibility of creating a unique contribution to the EA community," said Upper School history teacher and Lilley Fellow Program Director Max Kelly '06.

"My project will research high school and university garden/farm models that supply campus-grown produce to school dining service programs in order to increase awareness about nutrition and farming within a sustainable model," explained Kat. "Primary research will be conducted during visits with institutions that have successful school 'Farm to Feed' programs. The plan is to meet with the leaders who run and implement on-campus farming programs, and also students and faculty who benefit from farm-to-table dining choices."

The goal of Kat's research project is to develop a farm model for EA and to learn best practices to successful implementation.

"Working with EA's Dining Services organization, SAGE, and the Community Service Board, Kat will design a model specifically oriented to EA. She will visit and speak with successful programs that are in place at Dartmouth, UC Davis, Swarthmore, and others," said Mr. Kelly.

"I am super excited to be given this opportunity to expand my knowledge and interest as someone who enjoys farming and nutrition. I hope I can teach other students and members of our community the importance and the benefits that come with hands-on work as well as healthy eating," shared Kat. Upper School English teacher and EA Farm Club advisor John Dilworth will serve as Kat's advisor on the project.

The Lilley Fellowship Fund was announced in the fall of 2018. Fellowships are awarded to students who exemplify academic curiosity, intellectual rigor, and scholarly passion. The Lilley Fellows will pursue an independent study to create a capstone product while working in a professional setting to develop their expertise and interests.