January 9: Today's Top JTerm Highlights

Earth & Science: Students combined their interest in science and math to explore the human body today during a field trip to Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Students worked on their CPR skills and learned how to use an ultrasound machine. They were able to see a close-up of a human kidney and the internal jugular. Tomorrow the class ventures to iFly 290, an indoor skydiving facility. Teachers: Chris Anderson and Leslie Trimble.

Why National Parks? Montana's Glacier National Park: Students have made Glacier National Park their classroom on this JTerm trip. The group hiked into the park over the weekend to Macdonald Lake. Today they took part in avalanche search and rescue training. There are different types of avalanches depending on the composition of the snow- wet, dry, slab and soft. Click here to check out the video of the training. Teachers: Molly Konopka and Max Kelly.

Episcopal's Next Building? Designing a Scared Space: After visiting architecturally interesting buildings last week, students are now focusing on their own building design. After they sketch out their plans, students will construct their "sacred space" with foam board and other materials. Details include: an altar, storage space, plenty of light, and even a restroom. EA alum and architect Sam Olshin '78 met with the class last week. He returns on Friday to critique and offer advice on the final projects. Teachers: Rob Maier and Topher Row.