January 5: Today's Top JTerm Highlights

Dance and Society: Students started the day with a master ballet class with guest instructor Katie Feidler. Yesterday, the eleven students and dance teacher Cara Lavallee travelled to the epicenter of dance, New York City, to take some classes at the Broadway Dance Center. Students are also exploring the perceptions and misperceptions of dance in American culture. "We are taking our experiences with various dance styles and examining how and why so many people in our society do not interact with the art form in the same way as they would with music, theater, or visual art," explained Mrs. Lavallee.

Writing, Directing, and Performing One-Act Plays: Students in this JTerm class were treated to a morning with theater artist Janine Merolla. Ms. Merolla is with Bryn Mawr-based Wolf Performing Arts Center. She worked with students on acting techniques. Next on the program, students will begin working in groups to design, write, and perform one-act plays.

Mock Trial: Students spent the day in Philadelphia at the Criminal Justice Center watching a homicide trial. After the proceedings, the class could not pass up grabbing lunch at Reading Terminal Market. Preparation is also underway for next week's mock trial competition against Strath Haven High School. The group also has plans to travel to Washington, D.C. to observe oral arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Games 4 Geeks: Learning strategy through Diplomacy was the focus in Games 4 Geeks today. Students are studying game theory and learning by playing three specific games: Titan, Diplomacy, and Poker. The Diplomacy game board was set up as pre-World War II Europe. Students, and teachers Chuck Bryant and Adam Lavallee, divided into countries to strategize, strengthen alliances, and capitalize on each other's decisions.

Escape from the Western Diet: Today, Mrs. Anna Slack, an EA parent and nutrition expert, spent time with the class making smoothies. "I like that we get to learn about superfoods that we didn't know about before," observed sophomore Claire Jacoby. After learning more about what Teach Doug Parsons called "the ugly truth" about many foods, students are now touring area grocery stores with a more critical eye. Teacher Mireya Yaros is especially looking forward to Friday's tour of Mom's Organic Market in Rosemont. The discovery of the day was a new found taste for Spirulina-- a blue-green algae that can be consumed by humans.