JTerm 4.0: It's a Wrap!
JTerm 4.0: It's a Wrap!

Nine days and 36 courses later, JTerm 4.0 has come to a close. On the last day, students presented their final projects ranging from hosting 4th graders for tasty treats in Kitchen Chemistry, to Dance Marathon students counting donations. Alumnus and architect Sam Olshin '78 critiqued student-designed sacred spaces. Chris Paterno '11 talked lyrics and musical nuance in Strings and Things. Students from the Haiti trip shared videos and thoughts about their trek up the mountain to Cerca and working with young Haitians. The arts took center stage on the final afternoon with performances by students in the Dance and Society class and One Act Plays. A newly installed Crawford Campus Center Gallery exhibit by the Art rEvolution course was inspired by a trip to the Hirshorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington, D.C.

Catch up on all the JTerm news here, or read thoughts by students and teachers from this year's JTerm experience:

Eleanor Campell '19- It was a lot different than last year. We were working on a project that we hope will start an annual tradition. We had a larger goal which was fun. Plus, I've never event-planned before, so it was cool, a new experience for me." Dance Marathon EA

Christopher Burnetta: 2nd grade- "JTerm is so cool. I learned how to measure different kinds of bones."

Annemarie Strange: Teacher- "JTerm gives students a chance to really get to know a specific subject and all of the nuances of it. Because of the time we have, students can explore all aspects of something they did not know much about before taking the class." CSI@EA

Amanda Jones '20- "I was really inspired by the old chapel [on the Merion Campus] and new Chapel, so I incorporated both into my design." Episcopal's Next Building? Designing a Sacred Space

Cat Spellman '19- "I have never done anything like this before. It gave me the opportunity to dissect things- which I have never done before. We also practiced doing stitches during our visit to CHOP. I would never have gotten the chance to do this unless I took this JTerm course." Comparative Anatomy

Brian Snow '17- "JTerm is a welcomed change of pace. It's great to do something different outside of your regular schedule. JTerm courses give you a lot more freedom, especially in traveling off-campus. In my Podcasting class, we visited WHYY and several businesses where we took tours and saw how they operate on a day-to-day basis. That was fascinating." Podcastic

Kelley Bethoney: Teacher- I love this. It is one of my favorite classes to teach. We were so busy I have students who want to come back after school next week to continue their dissection work and research. I am thinking of offering Comparative Anatomy 2 next year!" Comparative Anatomy

Jon Freeman '17- "I loved my class, but what I loved the most was the people. I liked the chance to interact with people who you normally wouldn't interact with during the regular school year. I got to meet and work with people with different interests and in different grades." Podcastic

Christele Furey: Teacher- "Our course was all about genealogy. It has been amazing to hear about what students discovered as they researched their own family trees. It was also so great to see how studying their ancestry brought a lot of the students and their grandparents closer together. Many of them learned things about their grandparents that they never knew!" Who Do You Think You Are?

Sameer Coston '18- "I had an interest in Photography since I took Foundations in freshman year, but this course helped me develop a greater understanding of its history. I have a much deeper understanding of photography in general and how it's evolved since the first days." Photography Then and Now

Matt Shaprio: Teacher- "One of the most challenging things about my JTerm course was having a classroom of students who may not have had a lot of knowledge about podcasting. As a teacher, you have to think of ways to make it interesting and keep them motivated. It was so rewarding to hear podcasts that came out well, see the kids as they experience it, and know that they may now have a new creative outlet moving forward." Podcastic

Rob Maier: Teacher- "Many JTerm courses provide the opportunity to work on something personal to the student, and in the process, both the personality and the passion of the student is reflected in the final product." Designing a Sacred Space