Horizons at EA Launches Sixth Summer of Learning
Horizons at EA Launches Sixth Summer of Learning

Horizons at Episcopal Academy began its sixth summer on EA's campus on Monday, June 25. The program provides summer learning opportunities for 105 students from two local public schools.

"I look forward to coming back to Horizons each summer. I have been a part of Horizons since 2013, and I like everything, especially math," said 12-year-old Kamryn.

"Horizons focuses on at-risk youth who are not at grade level. Our students gain two to three months in reading and math skills during our six-week summer program putting them on a path to succeed," explained Horizons Executive Director Kathy Jacoby.

"Project-based learning helps engage our students. This summer each class is focusing on a topic of interest. It is so exciting to witness learning come alive on a variety of levels," said Horizons Program Director Rowena Lesher.

"My favorite part of Horizons is swimming. I have learned a lot from our swim lessons and have so much fun jumping in the pool!" shared 7-year-old Kylie.

Horizons students start with the program after Kindergarten and return each summer through eighth grade. The program provides summer academics, swimming, and enrichment to help young students build on what they learned during the school year in an effort to prevent them from falling behind over the summer.

PennPAC, a pro bono consulting group comprised of University of Pennsylvania alumni, recently selected Horizons as one of the nonprofits it will partner with this year. A team of consultants is helping develop a roadmap for Horizons to serve more children at independent school and university sites across the city. In addition to the Episcopal Academy site, Horizons also has a second program at Greene Street Friends in Philadelphia. Horizons National continues to expand nationwide, with 57 sites in 18 states.

Horizons at EA is in session from June 25 - August 3.

Horizons at Episcopal board members: Beth Hanssens and Ann Semmer, PennPac consultant and team leader Peixin Mo, Horizons at EA Executive Director, Kathy Jacoby, Horizons at Greene Street Friends Executive Director, Lehla Olson and PennPAC consultant, Jody Reynhout attend the project kick-off meeting.