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Graduates Celebrated at 234th Commencement
Graduates Celebrated at 234th Commencement

The Episcopal Academy graduated 144 seniors during its 234th Commencement exercises on Thursday, June 6 in The Class of 1944 Chapel.

Students were recognized for their accomplishments and congratulated by Dr. T.J. Locke, Greville Haslam Head of School; Dr. Steven E. Copit '80, Chair of the Board of Trustees; Mr. Mike Letts, Head of Upper School; and Ms. Cheryl McLauchlan, Form Dean.

This year's student speakers were valedictorian Amy Chen and salutatorian Mackenzie Lee, who commented on the lasting impact the school had given its graduates as they look toward the next chapter of their lives.

"Episcopal has inspired us to be kind and generous, assisting each other as allies instead of working against each other as competitors," said Valedictorian Amy Chen. "Episcopal has taught us how to challenge ourselves and pushed us to achieve things we would have never even thought were possible."

Salutatorian Mackenzie Lee agreed.

"Let us find comfort in the undeniable and bold uniformity that binds us all as Episcopal graduates, while continuing to stand apart because of the unparalleled foundation this school, our teachers, our mentors, and our friends and families have given us," she said.

However, while students remarked on what The Episcopal Academy had provided to them, Greville Haslam Head of School T.J. Locke shared the impact of the students' character and integrity on the school as a whole.

"You make the school. You make the culture," said Dr. Locke. "We try as adults to influence it, to establish rules and norms, to model behaviors, to teach values - but a school's culture depends on you."

In his speech, Dr. Locke provided examples of how the students' character and integrity formed a lasting legacy on The Episcopal Academy and its culture, from how the students interact with prospective families and young students, to how they rose above childish taunts at a fall football game by proudly singing the alma mater.

"I know many of you have been reflecting recently on your years at EA and perhaps what this school has done for you. But what I want you to know is that any amount of influence we have had on you falls short of the impact you have had on us."

The Episcopal Academy Class of 2019 graduates include (*Cum Laude Society):

Parisa Afsharian*

Rayhan Riad Ali

Praneeth Krishna Alla*

Nitya Ampani

Julia Elizabeth Russell Anderson

Alec J. Austin

Rachel Anne Barber*

Lena Armine Bardakjian

DeeWil Victor Barlee

Phoebe Gwyn Barr*

Katherine H. Beinkampen*

Jesse Adam Bell-Taylor

Alexander William Bendinelli

Hope Jeanette Biddle

Bridie Ann Bommentre

McKee Elder Bond*

Mollie McKinney Bonner

Andrew A. Brenner, Jr.

Rowan Emmert Brumbaugh

Marlena Lauren Buckley

Jack Joseph Bush

Isabella Francesca Calastri*

Eleanor Louise Campbell

Quinn Chambers

Amy Yimin Chen*

Minjee Laura Cho*

Olivia Rita Imparato Cipperman*

Alexandra Nicole Conroy

Garrett Andrew Cooley

Robert Paul Copit

Thomas Winn Craig

Winfield Scott Crockett

Matthew Alexander Dade

Leah Raine Devereaux

Lauren Kelly Devletian*

Luca DiLeonardo

Olivia Eva Dirks

Amara Sekou Donzo

Joseph Chamer Dugery

Nicholas Joseph Dumont

Nathan Bassey Ekpo

James Haley Familetti

Carson Justi Fischer

John Christopher Franklin*

Gabriel Luc Furey

Aantorik Ganguly*

Morgan Anne Gantt

Lucas Bunting Giordano

Robert John Glaser, Jr.

Celeste Oakley Graham

Zexi Hao*

Jack Harrington Henderson

Grace Winifred Hennigan*

Matthew Scott Hinckley

Jonathan C. Huang*

Emma Katherine Humann

Nathaniel Chapin Hunter

Claire Margaret Jacoby

Roberta Cormedah Jarman

Caitlin Carpenter Jorgensen*

Caroline Elise Kelly

Kevin Patrick King

Brooke Elisabeth Kraftson

Andrew Thomas Landaiche

James Daniel Landaiche

Allison Jayne Lee

Mackenzie Marie Lee

Joseph Stanford Leonard

James Patrick LeRoux

Luke Andrew Lesher

Laura Limin Lewis*

Kevin Li

Kaila Rose Lingo*

Skylar Theodora Lingo*

Collin James Loughead

Madeline Rose Loughead

Harrison Randolph Malone

John Patrick McElwee, Jr.

Aidan Joseph McMeekin

Jalin Marlin Geronimo-Meachem

Haig J. Megerian

Amir Mujahid

Vinay Ram Musunuri

Bryce Ameerah Nabulsi*

Alexander Charles Oliva

Jack Keri Denis O'Reilly

Samuel J. Pace, III

Jack Anthony Pacera

Mitchell Wu Pagano

Elizabeth Anne Palumbo

Hannah Pang

Gianna Marie Pantaleo

Remy Philo Peskin

Myles-Odin Wei Ming Peter

Alexander Christian Peters

Nina Alyce Petillo

Nicholas Patrick Peyton

Maxwell Evan Pinheiro*

Jack Joseph Purcell

James Harrison Pusey

Ivan Michael Puskovitch

Bing Li Quan

Ann Elisabeth Bird Rau

Frank Joseph Rauscher, IV

Madison Luevone Rehak

Grace Blackstone Reilly

Cerena Caitlin Robertson

Ryan Rockenbach

Isabelle Keough Rohr

Levi Cyril Rudinsky

Parth Sachar

Anna Elizabeth Salvucci

Henry McKean Scott

Alyssa Rae Sheffy

Schuyler Dylan Sices

Pia Singh

Chance Atkinson Slack

Simon Kane Smerconish

Christopher James Smith

Grace Elizabeth Smith*

Thomas James Smith

Catherine Sarah Spellman

Camilla Morgan Stapleton

Carter William Strid

Grace Louise Szafara*

Helen Rufael Tamrat

Zhengyang Tang

Nishant Thangada*

Amanda Michelle Turner*

Theodore Marie Baptiste Vadot

Carter MacNeill Valerio

Elom Malaika Afi Vedomey

Jacob Richard Viscusi*

Lindsay de L'Orme Walling

Bryce Edward Walsh*

Lauren Marie Weil*

Samuel John Wilson

Ella Hales Yeakle

Evan James Patton Zanolli

Sydney Esther Genevieve Zebrowitz

Zachary Edward Zebrowitz

Michael Li Zeng

Christopher Charles Zimmerman

Gabriella Mae Zomber