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Thoughts of Gratitude Offered During Thanksgiving Chapel
Thoughts of Gratitude Offered During Thanksgiving Chapel

Middle and Upper School students gathered for Thanksgiving Chapel on Tuesday, Nov. 26.

Second graders in Mrs. Betsy Welch, Hon. and Mr. Ryan Learn's classes made a surprise visit and taught the older students the Dakota Chant hymn.

Head Chaplain Tim Gavin, Hon. opened the combined Chapel by asking students, faculty, and staff to open their hearts to friends, relatives, and those who are struggling, especially during the holiday season.

Members of the Vestry and Middle School Chapel Council then shared thoughts of gratitude submitted by advisories over the last few weeks. The Form Deans also offered gratitude for their students. Excerpts are below.

Administrative Team - Upper School Vestry

"Your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed. You are a part of the backbone of our community. The success of our school is dependent on the dedication that you all possess. You truly enrich The Episcopal Academy experience, and for that we are grateful."

Administrative Assistants - Melodie Kosman/Steve Kerwin Middle School Advisory

"Thank you for lending us sweaters and blazers when we need them. Thank you for helping us with all of the problems we have. Thank you for answering all of our crazy questions (especially when we were new to Middle School). Thank you for keeping our items safe until we can reclaim them. You are awesome!"

Security Team - Upper School Vestry

"We know that you are responsible for a lot of the behind the scenes stuff that we do not see, and we are grateful for your contributions to making Episcopal a safe environment. You always greet us with a smile and make our day better!"

SAGE Dining - Lee Burnett's 8th Grade Advisory

"We wanted to take the opportunity in this season of Thanksgiving to thank all of YOU for providing us with such great meals and treats throughout the year. We love the Swedish meatball, pierogies, dumplings, grilled cheese and Asian beef. We are also appreciative that you give us choices, so many choices every day! We are grateful you are willing to work so hard each day to make our meals special."

Coaches - Rob Trumbull's Upper School Advisory

"Great coaches are hard to find, difficult to part with, and impossible to forget. As student-athletes, coaches make up a large part of our careers. Not only do our coaches teach us about our sports, but life lessons like leadership, teamwork, accountability, and punctuality. These lessons will stay with us for life, even after our time in the sport is over."

Grounds Crew - Grace Limaye's 6th Grade Advisory

"Thank you very much for all that you do to keep our campus beautiful, healthy, and accessible. We are tremendously grateful to you for keeping our sports fields neat and ready for the competition and practice we have after school. We have one of the most beautiful school campuses in the world, and you are a driving force behind this. We really appreciate all of your tremendous efforts!"

Faculty - Mireya Yaros Upper School Advisory

"Thank you for all of the effort and hard work you put towards helping me grow and learn. Throughout my time at EA, every teacher I have had has made an impact on my education. I would not be the person I am today without all of you. EA has given me so much."

Facilities Team - Erin Bilbao's Upper School Advisory

"Our campus is so busy, and there are constantly events that need your planning and execution. Thanks to you, these events always run smoothly, appear to come together, as if by magic, and are rapidly broken down to restore normality. You are behind the scenes, working tirelessly, all year, and we want you to know that we see you and appreciate all of you."

Housekeeping - Danielle Clemmer's Upper School Advisory

"Thank you for keeping our campus beautiful. You keep our school so nice. You are always so nice when we see you and talk with you. You are under appreciated for the work you do for our school. We could not have such a nice school without you."

To students from their Form Deans

"You are the heartbeat of our school. Your energy, curiosity, your success, your mistakes. It makes our jobs and our lives so incredibly gratifying. As your Form Deans, we are so grateful for the time that we get to spend with you every day. Thank you for your gifts of grit and resilience. You make us proud."