Gina Tomkowich, Theatre
Gina Tomkowich, Theatre
Hometown: Media, PA
College(s)/Degree(s): Point Park University, BA in Musical Theatre | Saint Joe's University, MS in Elementary/Special Education
Contact Info (email and/or social media): | eamsdramaclub (Instagram) & EAMSDramaClub (Twitter)

What does drama instruction teach Middle School students?

As we explore many styles of theatre, acting, and performance, the students work to walk a mile in someone else's shoes. Our instruction is based around honing a deeper feeling of empathy for others, and a strong appreciation for diversity. We place emphasis on building trust, collaboration, and self expression within a larger ensemble. Students learn how their body language and vocal choices can be used to express themselves during a theatrical performance or for public speaking. By giving the students more of a voice, we hope that they find their own inner power and strength to be themselves, while simultaneously striving to understand others.

In what ways do you see students develop or advance through the rehearsal and performance process?

Over the years, and throughout the rehearsal processes, students have grown to become self aware, well rounded, and compassionate individuals.

In general, what is the EA arts community like?

The students and faculty involved with the arts at EA are dedicated and creative. They spend countless hours on campus, dance to the beat of their own drummer, and enthusiastically jump into any activity. They are daring, bold, and fiercely open minded!

What is your favorite thing about teaching at EA?

The students! They often surprise me by being wise beyond their years!