EA Field Hockey Players Represent U.S. at Croatia Cup

Two EA varsity field hockey players recently represented the United States at the Croatia Cup. Twelve American players were selected to play for the U21 U.S. National Indoor Team.

"Playing in Croatia exposed me to different styles of play and faster ball speed which helped me make faster decisions in the game," explained Kelly Smith '21. "I liked the intense competition in every game and meeting the other teams in the tournament."

"The highlights were getting to play against different national teams in the area," said Macy Szukics '22. "My heritage is Hungarian, so it was especially cool for me to play the Hungary team. Bonding with my team was also a highlight."

The U.S. team beat Hungary- 16-0. The U21 team played against teams from Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, and the USA Women's Team December 30 - January 7.

"It was a great learning experience that will help my development as a player," said Kelly. "Throughout the tournament our team worked together to compete against much older players which helped us win all of our games except against the USA women's team. It was an honor to represent USA and a privilege to serve as a captain for our U21 team."