Crawford Campus Center Gallery Features Works by Art Teacher Emily Tucci
Crawford Campus Center Gallery Features Works by Art Teacher Emily Tucci

Members of the Middle School Art Club recently stopped by the Crawford Campus Center Gallery to check out a new exhibit featuring the work of their teacher, Emily Tucci.

The exhibit titled, In Memoriam : In Honorem, focuses on wildlife conservation and animal rights in the Serengeti ecosystem. "I primarily focus on wildlife trafficking with elephants- poaching and hunting and the preservation of them," explained Ms. Tucci.

The exhibition is set-up similar to an exhibit in a Natural History Museum. "As the viewer sits with the display, they learn more about the history of wildlife trafficking, and motivations behind poaching," said Ms. Tucci.

The show encompasses various works in a variety of media and also includes her sketchbooks- that her students found especially interesting. "I have about 15 or 20 sketchbooks," explained Ms. Tucci. "All my sketchbooks started from about college."

"I love how they set it up, a couple are hanging from the ceiling, a couple are on the walls, a couple are on podiums" observed 6th grader Muriel Fitz-Kaltenmeier.

"I think some of the best ways to work with art are to expose yourself to everything, pick a few things that are your favorite but never section yourself off so specifically in one medium, you close yourself off for other possibilities," said Ms. Tucci.

"I feel like a lot of people think art is just painting on a canvas but this shows it can be so much more," said Muriel.

"It's very unique, it's where our art teacher has a whole exhibit to herself," said Sophie Bouvel '27.

The exhibit will be on display through early February.

In Memoriam : In Honorem was selected by CCCG Director Susan Coote after Ms. Tucci's graduate thesis show at the Maryland Institute College of Arts was canceled last spring because of COVID restrictions.

Click below to take a virtual tour.