Exchange Students Arrive for Study at EA
Exchange Students Arrive for Study at EA

Exchange students from Australia and South Africa have arrived on campus for their fall semester abroad.

"I decided to do an exchange program with EA because I had heard so many great things about the school from past exchange students who visited EA," shared Tomas Slaven. Tomas is taking American Literature, U.S. History, Military History, Honors Physics, Honors Pre-Calculus, and Ceramics. "I have really enjoyed all my classes. I find the lessons here are more focused. I think this is due to the fact that class sizes are smaller here than in Cape Town."

Tomas attends Bishops Diocesan College in Cape Town, South Africa. He is being hosted by Theo Vadot '19. "My favorite American food has got to be a hamburger and fries," said Tomas.

Sydney Williams chose the EA exchange program to experience an American education before she heads off to college. "Classes at EA are much smaller and more personal than at home- which I find is more effective," observed Sydney. "I am thoroughly enjoying psychology as Herschel does not offer it. It is something fresh and new to learn about." Cat Spellman '19 spent the summer with Sydney attending Herschel Girls School in Cape Town.

"Going on exchange was definitely worth it, not only for what I saw abroad but also the relationships I developed with other exchange students from all over the world," said Cat Spellman. "I'm still in touch with kids from England and Spain who became my best friends in school and on the Garden Route tour."

Sydney is enjoying a more "relaxed lifestyle" in the United States. "My host family cooked a delicious meatloaf for me on my first night and that tops everything else so far," said Sydney.

The five EA students hosting exchange students this fall spent part of their summer at schools in Cape Town and Australia.

Other exchange students include:

Jessica Lander (South Africa), hosted by Mollie Bonner '19.

Dane Schoffl (Australia), hosted by Aidan McMeekin '19.

Rory Burns (Australia), hosted by Chris Smith '19.

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