Record-Setting EA Running Career for Elias Lindgren '18
Record-Setting EA Running Career for Elias Lindgren '18

Senior runner Elias Lindgren has been chasing a dream for four years. He has stayed the course and achieved his dream. With nine school records, Elias now holds the most school athletic records in EA history.

This year's plan was to win the Inter-Ac, PAISAA championships, and EA/Haverford Day. "And to break every record I could," shared Elias.

"I've been chasing these records for a long time, picking them off one by one," shared Elias. "To finally get every record I had hoped for was deeply satisfying. I'm very, very proud to be leaving that legacy at EA."

Since his freshman year, Elias has stayed focused and methodically ticked off his "to do" list. "For the rest of the school's history, the marks I've set over the last couple years will be up on those plaques. But my records can and will be broken," said Elias. When asked about what he cherishes most about this experience, he shared, "I love the idea of some kid, years and years from now, looking at those plaques and being determined to break all my records. I love the idea that sometime far in the future the things I'm accomplishing now will inspire someone else to surpass my own accomplishments."

"To hold records from the 400 meters up through the 3200 meters is very challenging," explained Varsity Track and Field Coach Jim Farrell '82. "It takes great range in your running abilities and a lot of talent. Elias has stayed the course over his four years."

"Everything has gone as smoothly as I could've possibly hoped for, and I've accomplished more of those goals than I ever thought I would," explained Elias. "Coach Farrell was with me every step of the way, planning everything out, putting all my workouts together, and doing the best job anyone could have done of helping me run as fast as possible."

Coach Farrell says Elias is a consummate learner. "He is like a sponge, always learning from every workout and every race. He takes great care of himself, and he puts in consistent effort and work," said Coach Farrell. "Elias is a tremendous competitor. He never gets too up or too down. If he puts in maximum effort, he is content with his performance. Little bits of failure still motivate him though and drove him towards excellence."

Elias started off the season with important cross country wins against The Haverford School, the EA/Haverford Day race, and the PAISAA Championships. Elias wrapped up the spring track and field Inter-Ac competition sweeping the 800M, 1600M, and 3200M races. "I could not have been happier with those three races. I felt great not only during but after each of them, and I felt that I not only ran fast but ran smart. I stayed totally in control of each race, setting exactly the pace I wanted, and made sure to conserve my energy so I could keep going through all three races. It was a really great feeling to win all of the distance events. It proved to me that I'm in really great shape right now and ready to hit a couple more fast times before my EA career is over." It was the first time Elias competed in the 800M, 1600M, and 3200M trifecta at one meet.

Elias also won all three of his races at the Delco Championships. "Going under 4:20 has been a big goal of mine since freshman year, and it was a really great feeling to finally break into that sub-4:20 club," said Elias. "It was also the #2 time in PA when I ran it, which made me realize that I can hang with the best guys in the state now. I broke the 34-year old Delco meet record in the 1600 as well, which just added to what a special race that was."

Elias started running in 6th grade. After trying out baseball, he quickly learned that base running was his real strength, so cross country and the track and field team were a better fit.

"It will be very difficult to break some of his individual records. He will be greatly missed as an athlete, but we will miss his leadership just as much. It will be just as difficult to replace Elias the person as it will be to replace Elias the athlete," said Coach Farrell.

"I didn't do any of this alone," said Elias. "I've had terrific coaching throughout my EA career. It's been an incredible privilege to work with Coach Farrell for these past four years; he's done so, so much for me, and he shaped me as a runner and as a human being."

Elias will continue his running career at Williams College.

Elias Lindgren '18 EA Career Records:

1600 4:18:34 (outdoor)

1600 4:25:77 (indoor)

3200M – 9:27.3

800M – 1:56.29

4x400M – 3:24.83 (team relay)

4x800M – 8:06.9 (team relay)

4x1600M - 19:03:01 (team relay)

Distance Medley Relay - 10:32:90

XC home course record - 17:02