EA Welcomes Exchange Students
EA Welcomes Exchange Students

EA has welcomed six exchange students to campus for the fall semester.

Visiting students include: Kasey Barnes (CCGS, Australia), Astrid Faustmann (The Hershel School, South Africa), Oliver Werner (The Bishop School, South Africa), Jack Kain (St. Peter's College, Australia), Jack Stone and Corey Alpen (CCGS, Australia).

"I am now learning in a co-ed environment," said Astrid Faustmann who attends the all-girls Hershel School in South Africa. "The biggest difference for me is the amount of courses and classes available. I am having the most wonderful time in my Ceramics, Workshop, and Oceanography class- all the classes I don't have back home. My other classes are also so much fun and the teachers dedication to their subjects make the classes very enjoyable."

EA junior Natalie Johnson spent part of her summer attending Astrid's school. "I went to South Africa because I wanted to experience another school and country. It was also an excuse for me to go to Tanzania beforehand so I could climb Kilimanjaro."

"I love traveling, and I wanted to have a chance to experience more independence before I go off to college," explained Sarah Letts '20, who attended Central Coast Grammar School in Australia. "I loved doing exchange because I was able to make a friend for life, my exchange student Kasey Barnes, and was fortunate enough to have an extremely kind and accepting host family."

Caroline Vander '20 also studied in Australia. "I decided to do this exchange because I love to travel and I thought it would be a great new experience."

"The difference with EA and my home is that there are classes with people in different grades and there are different people in every single class," shared John Kain. "At Saints there is a thing called the core class where you have the same group of people in every class. I also like EA's cafeteria and the sports facilities."

Glay Yang '20 is the first EA student to study at John's school- St. Peter's College in Adelaide, Australia. "The highlight was when the school took me and the other exchange students on a Great Ocean Road trip, from the Grampians to the Twelve Apostles."

"The highlight of my time in Australia was the trip we took to Queensland and went to the Great Barrier Reef," said Caroline.

Fairy bread was a favorite food of several EA students who studied in Australia. "I also really enjoyed Tim Tams and kangaroo," shared Caroline. "Contrary to the other students who went to Australia, I didn't dislike vegemite. It tastes pretty good on toast." said Glay.

"I tried lots of foods in South Africa including biltong and Marie Biscuits," said Natalie.

"I am loving exploring the American versions of things back home; the unbelievable sizes of your grocery stores versus South Africa's much smaller ones. And, my goodness, some of your cars are enormous!" said Astrid. "EA is a beautiful school, and everyone I have met has been exceptionally kind and welcoming."

EA students who studied abroad over the summer include: Chase Anderson, Cameron Buonocore, Natalie Johnson, Sarah Letts, Lacey Rivera, Caroline Vander, and Glay Yang.

The visiting exchange students hosted the EA students during their study and travel in July and August.