Melmark Names EA Community Partner of the Year
Melmark Names EA Community Partner of the Year

EA is the recipient of this year's Melmark Community Partner of the Year award.

Music, drama, and service brought the two schools together this year. Melmark's handbell choir, the Joybells, wowed EA students during a special Chapel performance in October. Then, Melmark students came to campus to cheer on EA's football team. Also this year, EA seniors spent their annual day of service volunteering with residents at Melmark.

Theater and Dance Department Chair Dan Clay and Music Chair Jim Erwin have been instrumental in establishing the partnership over the years. This year, Community Outreach Coordinator Becky Brinks and Head Chaplain Tim Gavin expanded the relationship to include community service.

"This award symbolizes our mutual support and respect for each other," said Father Tim Gavin. "It also points to both schools' willingness to make the stranger our neighbor. EA is very proud to be the recipients of this wonderful honor."

The award was presented on Wednesday, May 3.

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