COVID-19 Testing at EA

EA has partnered with a private lab to offer on-campus COVID-19 testing for any student or employee who is experiencing COVID symptoms. We believe this may add convenience and possibly faster turnaround times than our families can achieve on their own. Through this partnership, EA has the ability to deploy a molecular (PCR) test, expedite the shipping to the lab, and receive a result the next day.

Tests will be administered by EA's Health Services personnel at a designated drive-through area on campus. The tests utilize a shallow swab to collect a nasopharyngeal specimen. Testing will be available Monday through Friday during school day hours. EA will absorb the cost of all on-campus testing.

On-campus testing will be offered only for the following two scenarios:

When a student or employee becomes ill during the day at school

A student or employee who becomes ill during the school day will be brought to a nurse's office and placed in isolation. Parents/guardians will be contacted to pick the student up from school, and will be offered on-site COVID-19 testing. If the parent/guardian would like to proceed with testing, they will be sent a waiver to review and sign electronically. In order for the parent/guardian to be with the child for the test, the EA team will administer the test at a drive-through checkpoint. Parents/guardians who pick up their child will be instructed where to drive on campus for the test. The results of the test will be sent to EA's Health Services Office, and a member of this team will contact a parent/guardian to share the results and advise on next steps.

When a student or employee is not at school and begins experiencing symptoms

Students and employees who are isolating or quarantining at home and begin to experience COVID symptoms can contact EA's Health Services Office to schedule a testing time. A waiver will be sent to the parent/guardian or employee for electronic signature prior to coming to campus for testing. EA's team will administer the test at a designated drive-through checkpoint on campus. The results of the test will be sent to EA's Health Services Office, and a member of this team will contact the parent/guardian or employee to share the results and advise on next steps.

Off-Campus Testing

For students and employees who would like to get tested outside of school days/hours, Vybe Urgent Care has agreed to prioritize members of the EA community. Individuals need to schedule a testing appointment directly with Vybe and will be responsible for any testing costs. Individuals should call out their affiliation with EA when scheduling the appointment and may need to present a student or employee ID. The results of the test will be sent directly to the individual. Anyone who tests positive should immediately report the positive result to EA's Health Services Office and assist with identifying potential close contacts who will need to be notified and to quarantine for 14 days.

If you have any questions about testing options, please contact Director of Health Services Laura Hurst or LS Nurse Sheila Garrity.