Class of 2020 Celebrated at 235th Commencement
Class of 2020 Celebrated at 235th Commencement

Episcopal Academy celebrated 136 members of the Class of 2020 at its 235th Commencement exercises held on Saturday, July 11.

Greville Haslam Head of School Dr. T.J. Locke welcomed students and their parents, as they gathered for the ceremony outside on the Clark Campus Green.

"We are all very proud of you and grateful that each and every one of you came to this school," shared Dr. Locke. "We have missed you dearly these last few months. A school campus without students is a very lonely and uninteresting place."

This year's student speakers, valedictorian Jocelyn Andrews and salutatorian Erin Boyle, each highlighted the challenges the Class of 2020 has faced and the unique traits that define their class.

Jocelyn Andrews told her classmates, "For our class, the rose-colored glasses that so often tint high school memories with a unique nostalgia were pulled off early. The question was, how would we respond? And, as we had long been taught by Episcopal, we responded to defeat with grace."

Erin Boyle recalled the day she toured EA as a prospective student and her four years in Upper School. "I was excited to come to school everyday because of the incredible community and sense of home I had, every time I turned around the circle," recalled Erin. "[It was] the little memories you were making without even knowing you were making them."

Senior members of the Vocal Ensemble serenaded attendees with a moving rendition of Rivers and Roads.

Before presenting the senior awards, Head of Upper School Mike Letts, Hon. reminded the class "to always believe in yourselves as much as we believe in you." Mr. Letts then presented 24 awards.

Commencement was originally scheduled for June 4 but was rescheduled because of state restrictions on large gatherings. Students and their parents marked the day with a festive car parade through campus.

"What truly defines our class, however, and what Episcopal has taught us, is our response to defeats, disappointments, and setbacks. Failing to acknowledge that COVID-19 was a source of various disappointments for our class would be remiss. However, this particular setback, and Episcopal's response, have made evident so many of EA's greatest gifts to the Class of 2020," remarked Jocelyn.

"The moment I will miss the most is the quiet walk from the student lot at 7:15 with my morning coffee, looking around and taking it all in. I never realized how happy I was during these moments because they felt so natural to me because I got to have them everyday. This is my home but what makes it special is that this is our home. That is a feeling that is very rare, and we are very lucky to have found here.. especially at such a young age."

The ceremony ended with an instrumental version of Episcopal, Episcopal.

"So much joy, so much school spirit, you have given us indelible memories," said Dr. Locke. "We look forward to learning even more from you for many years to come. Thank you for all that you have given to our school."

Review the complete list of the commencement awards here.

The Class of 2020 - * notes Cum Laude

Michael Owo Agbeye
Andrew Michael Alikakos
Chase Conant Richard Anderson
Kathleen Marie Anderson*
Jocelyn Rose Andrews*
Christian Daniel Anthopoulos
Michael Bai*
Neil Anakin Bam
Charles E. Barton
Lauren Elizabeth Bassett*
Nicholas Allan Bates
Louisa Adams Baxter*
Cayla Marie Beaulieu*
Nicholas Armand Bernabei
Emily Bittenbender
Anjali Bose
Erin Elizabeth Boyle
Noble Artemas Trostle Brigham*
Lily Mairead Buckley*
Cameron Calder Buonocore
Caroline Elizabeth Burt*
Matthew Christopher Bush
Alex Capitano
Colin Patrick Chambers
Justin Chen*
Matthew Thomas Chess
Nicholas John Christos, III*
Tryston P.B. Craft
John Charles Cunniffe
Lauren Elizabeth Cunningham
Hadley Beth DeBruyn
Thomas Dennis
Brendan Vincent DePillis
Juliana Di Carlo*
Braeden Rhys Dinger
Shannon Katherine Dutton
Eric Dzwonczyk
Isabella Rose Franklin
Sophia A. Garino
Daniel David Ghaderi*
Frederick Derick Greene
Isabel Lane Handal
Cara Michele Harty
Grace Elizabeth Hedrick Haupt*
Katherine Rose Hershey
Ashley Sydnee Hewitt
Thomas P.S. Hogan, III*
Natalie Talbot Horbowy
Sarah Huang*
Charles DeWitt Hummer, IV
Natalie Martine Johnston
Amanda Yates Willis Jones
Nikhil Venkat Kakarla*
Raeleen Theresa Keffer-Scharpf
William Paul Kelley
Christopher James Kelly
Matthew Ryan Kelly
Arielle Sarai Ketchum
Rahul Khullar
Casey Drew Kinniry
Benjamin Oren Kovacs
Raina Nicole Kuzemka
Anna Autumn Joy Lee
Sarah Anne Letts
Max Andrew Levinson
HaEun Karissa Lim
Melanie Joon Hee Lim
Chelsey Liu

Thomas George Lorenson
Matthew Ryan Lucey
Owen Hobbs Maier*
Trevor Nolen Manion
Blake Matthew Martin
Raegan Blair Martin
Adam Patrick Mauch
John Joseph McCormick, IV
Maurcus E. McDaniel
Alexandra Marie McHugh
Paul Francis McLaughlin
Jacqueline Marie Miller
Dominic Joseph Minicozzi
Rhyan Sabre Moody
Edward Michael Morgan
Jayne S. Morley
Asha Singh Murray
Rishab G. Nandan
Laura Elizabeth Anne Null
Kemi Julianna Odeyemi
Sejin Park*
Maxwell Samuel Pasternack
Laila Marie Payton
Colleen M. Phelan
John W. Phelan, Jr.
Reid Daly Powers
Vladimir Igor Puskovitch
Lola Kristine Quigley
Evan Michael Radano
Dhruv Raman*
Neera Hannah Raychaudhuri*
Ian David Reape
Jean-Paul Andre Rebillard, Jr.
Matthew Evans Repke
Kelsey Moorea Richter
Lacey Antonia Rivera
Michaela M. O. Rymal
Sameer D. Saxena*
Taylor Schaible
Ainsley DeHaven Shin
Arnav Shiva
Aarushi Singh*
Raunaq Singh*
Lukas M. Sinon
Alexander T. Sladek
Emily Elizabeth Smith
Reagan Elizabeth Snyder
Kevin Tudor Sporici*
Stephen Kenneth Staid
William Spyros Stavropoulos
Skylar Helen Street
Samuel O. Sullivan
Jacob Rufael Tamrat
Alexandra Marie Towers
Jackson Henry Tuma
Caroline Anna Vander
Brian Cade Virbitsky
Brendan L. Voelker*
Isabella Rose Volatile
Christopher Z. Wells
Benjamin John Wesley
Samuel James Wesley
Devon Lindsay Whitaker
Cole Monroe Whitsett
Glay Yang
Tina Ying
Aedan Mar Yohannan
Jacob Li Zeng