Christian Cloud: Technology
Christian Cloud: Technology

Hometown: Collingswood, NJ

Degree(s): BA Elementary Education (FIU), MS.Ed Reading, Writing, Literacy/School Leadership (UPenn)

Contact:, Twitter: @CloudLiteracy

Why is it important to teach technology to young children? How does it impact a child's development?

Through the use of technological tools, students begin to understand how they will interact with the world around them, designing the technological breakthroughs of tomorrow, and generating new and original content from their own perspective. Technology will not only bring the world into the student's classroom, but allow the student a deeper understanding of what it means to be human.

How has campus technology influenced or impacted the way you teach and how students learn?

Our campus technology is one of the most robust programs I have ever experienced as an educator. Our IDEA Lab is the perfect space for our students, teachers, and even our parents to experience not only our high-tech devices like IPad, MacBooks, Chromebooks and 3D printing, but also see the magic of low-tech maker projects. With almost every technological avenue available to our students, we have the freedom to allow the students to drive their own learning in any direction they which to go.

In what ways do you see students developing and advancing in your class through the school year?

Students arrive with various levels of proficiency in technology. Some students are experts at navigating digital technologies, while others excel in engineering. My overall goal is for my students to understand the concepts behind our work in the lab and have the skills required to generate content through the various forms of technology. Whether this is producing a multimedia presentation, coding a new app, or collaborating internationally. I want my students to be able to have the skill to use the right tool effectively and use their own creativity in expressing their passion.

What is the EA community like?

I love the sense of community at EA. From the first time I met Head of Lower School Dr. Malone and Assistant Head of Lower School Ms. Kimmet, I knew that it was a great place. That feeling has only been strengthened over time with all the wonderful people I work with.

The EA community is a supportive, student centered, environment. Like my motto outside my door "What good shall I do this day?" (Ben Franklin) I feel everyone in our community strives to answer that question. It is a family atmosphere where everyone goes out of their way to help you.