Buffy Brown: Kindergarten
Buffy Brown: Kindergarten

Hometown: Williamsport, PA

Degree: B.S Elementary Education, Saint Joseph's University

Email Address: Bbrown@episcopalacademy.org

What is your favorite thing about teaching at EA?

I love the EA community. The community is filled with caring, supportive people that continually challenge me to be my best.

In what ways do you see students developing and advancing in your class through the school year?

Through the use of responsive classroom, many Kindergarten students improve their social skills. They learn to express themselves and to care for others. Academically, Kindergarten students enter the school year at various stages. Some students may be learning letters, letter sounds, or reading at an advanced stage. Mathematically, some student may be working on learning numbers to ten, while other students are calculating mentally. Regardless what a student knows entering Kindergarten, my goal is to see improvement in each child and that each student leaves my classroom feeling confident.

Tell us about one of your favorite a projects.

Every year, the Kindergarten classes work in the EA community garden. We begin the year harvesting sunflowers that were planted by last years Kindergarten students. We prepare the soil and plant a fall crop that we harvest. The plan is to have enough produce to taste and donate to a local food cupboard. In the spring, we continue this process by planting a warm weather crop.

My goal is to create a sense of community and to teach cooperation. Through this process the students learn about life cycles and to know that through their hard work and care, they will learn what it takes to grow food and perhaps provide fresh produce for a local food cupboard. I want my understand the importance of hard work, perseverance, and caring for others.