Varsity Boys' Swim Team Breaks Every School Record
Varsity Boys' Swim Team Breaks Every School Record

The boys' swimming and diving team had a season for the record books. The team won the Inter-Ac Championship for the first time since 1970. The boys' and girls' teams won the Eastern Interscholastic Championship for the first time in school history.

The team also broke all 11 of the EA swimming records, including one dating back to 1997.

"It was an unbelievable team accomplishment to break 11 records in one season," said Sam Wesley '20. "I am humbled to be a part of five of them. We knew we had it in us throughout the season. I could tell because we not only wanted to win the Inter-Ac for the first time in 49 years, but we also wanted to make the statement that we were one of the greatest boys' swimming and diving teams that EA has ever had."

This was truly a historic season for the boys' program," said Varsity Swimming Coach Brian Kline, Hon. "We came together as a team and kept it together throughout the season believing in one another. It was not only the strength of the individual, but the strength of the unit and how they all functioned together. Breaking every swimming record in one year is a testament to the team as a whole. These student-athletes will forever be remembered for that!"

"I think the reason so many of our records were broken this season was because the whole team was motivated to give every race their entire effort each dual meet," said Cole Whitsett. "That put us into a great spot for Easterns, where each record was within reach for us on relays and individually.

Another highlight of the season was meeting two swimmers from EA's 1970 team, the last to win the Inter-Ac title. Pete Munger '70 and Ken Lefevre '70 attended the Winter Athletic Assembly on February 25 to congratulate the team and give them their Inter-Ac charms.

"It's something you will never forget," said Mr. Munger. "Everything that happens today, cherish it," said Mr. Lefevre. "And don't wait 50 more years to win the Inter-Ac again!"

New EA Swimming Records:

Jack Christian/Sam Wesley/Cole Whitsett/Ben Wesley broke the 200 Medley Relay School Record with a time of 1:32.09 - 2019 (previous record - Jack Christian/Ben Wesley/ Cole Whitsett/Sam Wesley - 2018 - 1:33.81)

Sam Wesley broke the 200 Free School Record – 1:38.62 (previous record - Ben Baturka - 2015 - 1:42.67)

Ivan Puskovitch broke the 200 IM School Record – 1:48.88 (previous record - Ivan Puskovitch - 2018 - 1:50.39)

Ben Wesley broke the 50 free School Record – 21.23 (previous record - Cole Whitsett - 2017 - 21.45)

Cole Whitsett broke the 100 Fly School Record – 49.87 (previous record - Cole Whitsett - 2018 - 50.50)

Cole Whitsett broke the 100 Free School Record – 45.95 (previous record - Cole Whitsett - 2018 - 46.51)

Ivan Puskovitch broke the 500 Free School Record – 4:22.36 (previous record - Ivan Puskovitch - 2018 - 4:27.37)

Sam Wesley broke the 100 Back School Record – 49.82 (previous record - Ben Baturka - 2016 - 50.69)

Cole Whitsett broke the 100 Breast School Record – 56.34 (previous record - Waylon Jin - 2015 - 57.83)

Cole Whitsett/Ivan Puskovitch/Ben Wesley/Sam Wesley broke the 400 Free School Record – 3:03.22 – 2019 (previous record - Jack Christian/Theo Vadot/Ivan Puskovitch/Sam Wesley - 2018 - 3:08.83)

Cole Whitsett/Theo Vadot/Ben Wesley/Sam Wesley broke the 200 Free Relay with a time of 1:26.54 - 2019 (previous record - Ryan Walker/Stewart Hitchner/Jeff Miller/Blake McShane - 1997 - 1:26.69)