Local Art Center Recognizes EA Students
Local Art Center Recognizes EA Students

Three Episcopal Academy Upper School students recently won awards for their entries in the Wayne Art Center's Teen Works 2017 exhibition.

Pia Singh '19 won Honorable Mention for her painting Too Tough to Drown. "My goal was to command viewers' attention with its use of contrasting blue and yellow tones and convey a simultaneous expression of vulnerability and strength," explained Pia. "I was inspired to step outside of my comfort zone with the larger size of subject and by using more relaxed brush strokes and bolder color choices."

Alex Peyton '18 won Honorable Mention in the Mixed Media division for her series of wood block prints combined into her work Softy. "My piece depicts four different cities' subway maps intertwined with each other. The four cities are New York, London, Paris, and Boston," explained Alex. "I love cities and all that they embody. I like the idea that many different types of people live and thrive in a city. Each print reminds me of one of those people. My green print reminds me of someone who is kind and gentle."

Patrick Zhang '18 was awarded Honorable Mention in the Sculpture category for his copper embossing piece, Beta Fish. As a summer volunteer at the Wayne Art Center, Patrick was inspired to enter the exhibition. "I've seen some of the organization's other exhibitions and thought that it would be cool if one of my pieces was up on display," said Patrick. He made his piece in 3D Design class.

Other participants included: Nicholas Christos '20, Hadley DeBruyn '20, Sydney Donaldson '17, Piper Hartman '17, Melanie Lim '20, LeLe McNeil '17, and Michael Zeng '19.