Art Teacher Hilary Hutchison's Large-Scale Sculpture on Display in Cape Cod
Art Teacher Hilary Hutchison's Large-Scale Sculpture on Display in Cape Cod

Upper School art teacher Hilary Hutchison, Hon. spent part of her winter and spring working on a large-scale sculpture project for Cape Cod's Cahoon Museum.

"My sculpture is based on a fish, the cod, an icon of Cape Cod," explained Ms. Hutchison. "It is the first sculpture to be on view as part of a newly created annual series of public sculpture on the lawn of the museum called Streetside."

Ms. Hutchison was asked to work on the project by the Cahoon Museum Director Sarah Johnson. "My proposal for the sculpture was approved in late fall, and I started working at the start of the year," said Ms. Hutchison. "Both the head and tail were created using direct plaster. I made rubber molds of both pieces and cast them using hydraulic cement."

The fish tail stands just shy of six feet. The head of the cod is about three and a half feet tall and four feet long. The color comes from masonry pigments added to the cement and a wax patina.

The sculpture is hollow but is still very heavy. "I drove the pieces to Massachusetts on May 24 and installed on May 25. I had a great team of landscape designers help with the installation, pouring a footing and setting the pieces in beds of crushed shells," shared Ms. Hutchison.

The sculpture will be on view at the Cahoon Museum in Cotuit, Massachusetts through October.

Ms. Hutchison and EA Visual Arts Department Chair David Sigel, Hon. also have pieces in the museum's exhibit called "The Pollinators." The show features work from artists that relate to pollination, insects, water, wind, and animals.