Honors Anatomy & Physiology Students Visit Drexel Anatomy Lab

Honors Anatomy and Physiology students have spent the semester learning the intricacies of the human body. On Monday, April 11, they put their knowledge to the test during a field trip to the Gross Anatomy Lab at the Drexel University College of Medicine.

"The students had an opportunity to tour the lab as well as participate in a cadaver dissection which included removing a tumor from a brain and observing a pacemaker and a stent in a patient that had cardiovascular disease," explained Upper School science teacher Jenn Jones. "EA alumna Sonam Saxena '17 was one of the Drexel medical students that walked us through the lab!"

Students were wowed by the experience.

"Not only was it eye opening to be able to see the things we're learning manifest themselves in reality, it was also incredible being able to hear about the experiences of the medical students and ask them questions," shared Rachel Letts '22. "I feel really lucky to have had the chance to participate in something so uniquely amazing."

"It allowed me to see what we have learned about the human body," said Emily Staid '22. "The medical students were eager to teach us about their discoveries and the process they go through to dissect the body carefully. It was a valuable opportunity to witness how the body works together and even see how and why people died and lived their lives."

At first, the experience was a little unsettling for some students.

"I think we all felt a little uncomfortable being in a room full of more than sixty bodies, dissected and exposed on lab tables," explained Grace Bomberger '22. "Once we realized that these people (cadavers) dedicated their bodies to teach the next generation of doctors, there was a sense of contentment. I most enjoyed learning that when the lab receives the cadavers, they know very little about that person, other than their age, cause of death, and occupation. So when it's time for the doctors and students to begin dissection, there's nothing in particular that they know to look for, meaning they could find anything."

"I was shocked to realize how much I already knew after taking Anatomy and Physiology this year with Mrs. Jones. As a student interested in medicine, I gained confidence and felt increasingly prepared for my future because of taking this class and having an experience like the cadaver lab," reflected Emily.

The students in Mrs. Jones' class have also all been CPR certified this semester.