Annual Scrooge Chapel Delights Middle & Upper School Students
Annual Scrooge Chapel Delights Middle & Upper School Students

It is a holiday tradition and a signal that winter break is just days away: the annual performance of Scrooge Chapel.

There was much anticipation over who would play the role of Scrooge after John Powell's retirement. Classics teacher Molly Konopka stepped up and made her debut as Esmeralda Scrooge, the adopted daughter of Ebenezer Scrooge.

Director of Experiential Learning Kim Piersall was perched stage-left to narrate this year's creative tale in the role of Charles Dickens, complete with a red velvet blazer. Dr. T.J. Locke returned as the cheerful and endearing nephew, Fred. Middle School Chaplain Bert Zug enthusiastically played the tormented ghost of Scrooge's former business parter, Jacob Marley, and dramatically warned Esmeralda of being haunted by three spirits.

In the modern-day adaptation of A Christmas Carol, American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton (Lee Burnett/US Classics) made an appearance and sang a clever rap as the ghost of Christmas past. From The Game of Thrones, Daenerys Stormborn (Kelly Edwards/US math) waltzed by as the ghost of Christmas present. Star Wars duo Luke Skywalker (James Finegan/Orchestra Director) and Chewbacca (Ryan Dankanich/Band Director) entertained as the ghosts of Christmas yet to come.

Lynne Hay (US history) and Win Shafer (MS science) delighted the audience as Mr.and Mrs. Cratchit, the doting parents of Tiny Tim who was played by an amusing Andrew Shimrock (US Spanish). Will Gibbs was the cheerful young lad who fetched the turkey for Scrooge. Members of the Domino Board played the supporting cast. The faculty/staff a cappella group opened the performance with Silent Night. Theater and Dance Department Chair Dan Clay directed the production.

Scrooge Chapel was performed on Tuesday, December 13.

Click here to watch this annual favorite.

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