Students Present Research at Annenberg Science Symposium
Students Present Research at Annenberg Science Symposium

Upper School science students have spent the last few months conducting research for the annual Annenberg Science Symposium. On Thursday, April 8 students presented their findings via Zoom to a team of doctors and nurses at Main Line Health.

"Our team of students presented their findings on oncolytic virotherapy to a panel of Main Line Health doctors and an audience of students and teachers from area schools," explained Upper School science teacher and co-advisor Jeffrey Rubel. "The presentation included an overview of OV, a history of OV, the socioeconomic repercussions of OV, and the future of the technology."

Oncolytic virotherapy is a cancer treatment that uses modified viruses in treatment.

The students' presentation also included a fun 'skit' where the students acted out a medical encounter, Grey's Anatomy style, between an OV patient and her team of doctors.

"We met weekly, sometimes several times a week, to conduct the research and discuss our findings," said co-advisor and Upper School science teacher Jenn Jones. "Students also had the opportunity to meet with experts in the field, including Dr. Stephen Russell at the Mayo Clinic, who is a pioneer in oncolytic virotherapy."

Students worked independently on their final presentation. "In the fall, we threw a lot of ideas on the board," explained Mrs. Jones. "After some research, the team landed on OV. It was something they didn't know much about but wanted to learn more."

The young scientists also had the opportunity to observe surgeries via Zoom to see how innovative medical technologies are used.

"We were deeply impressed with the work of these students, especially in light of such an unusual school year," said Mr. Rubel. "They took the time to do the research and engage. It was inspiring."

Student participants included: Ashley Kim, Leanna Knight, Anya Kohli, Kathryn Lynn, Jovana Sekulic, Caroline Sewell, Emily Staid, Lauren Stasse, and Trisha Tsundupalli.