Alumni Spotlight: Adam Murray '02, the new Alumni Society Board of Managers President
Alumni Spotlight: Adam Murray '02, the new Alumni Society Board of Managers President

This month's Alumni Spotlight is Adam Murray '02. Adam began his term as the new Alumni Society Board of Managers President on July 1, 2019. He is a proud and active alumnus of EA and is a member of EA's Advancement and Athletic Hall of Fame Committees. Professionally, he works for Morgan Stanley Wealth Management in Philadelphia as a Financial Advisor and was recently named by Forbes Magazine as one of the Top Next-Generation Wealth Advisors in the country. Adam lives in Bryn Mawr with his wife, Diane, and his daughter, Avery.

During his time at Episcopal, Adam was a tri-sport varsity athlete in each of his four years of high school and, as a senior, was President of the Athletic Association. He was the 2001-2002 Main Line Times Athlete of the Year. Adam went to Duke University, where he was a four-year starter on the varsity baseball team. In 2011, Adam was the youngest member ever inducted into EA's Athletic Hall of Fame.

Q: What is your favorite EA tradition?

A: EA/Haverford/AIS Day. I remember attending my very first EA/Haverford Day when I was a lower school student at Devon. The upper school athletes seemed larger than life, and I was determined to be part of that tradition one day. I was very fortunate to play in four EA/Haverford Day games and am looking forward to taking my daughter, Avery, to her first EA/AIS day this Fall so she, too, may be inspired by this generation's group of athletes.

Q: What does Episcopal mean to you and how has it impacted your life?

A; When I think of EA, I think of excellence. Excellence in the classroom, in the arts and on the athletic fields. At a young age, EA taught me that excellence was to be celebrated. It was "cool" to do well. I have never forgotten that feeling. It motivated me throughout my time at EA, in college and, today, in my professional career.

Q: You are the new Board of Managers President, what do you hope to accomplish in this role?

A: I want our alumni to know that they have a dedicated group working on their behalf. The Board of Managers is devoted to enhancing their relationship with EA. I encourage our alumni to get involved. We are 7,700 strong! We want to know: what is your vision for EA? What can we do as a community – together – to enhance the experience for current and future students? I have heard from so many members of the EA community since I have been involved with the Board of Managers, and I hope to hear from many more. Our alumni consist of some of the most inspiring and accomplished women and men throughout the world. We would be doing EA a disservice if we did not put that strength to work.

Q: What message would you share to alumni who want to get more involved with EA?

A: Reach out! Each of us had a different experience at EA. Were you in the band? Involved in the arts? An athlete? Did you work on the Tabula? Maybe you were involved in the community service programs, in the Vestry or one of the many clubs. I am confident that you can find a bond that brings you back to campus. It could be as simple as participating in a reunion weekend, attending EA/Haverford/AIS Day or seeing the school play. You may wish to become a mentor for a recent graduate or current student. You could volunteer at a school event. Still unsure how to get involved? Give me a call. Once you get started, it will be easy to stay connected.

To learn more about how to get involved at EA, visit the Alumni Society webpage, or plan to attend on of our upcoming Alumni Events.