A Year in Staff and Faculty Training

The DEI team coordinated the following faculty and staff training sessions on race, bias, and more during the 2020-2021 school year:

October 13: Systemic Racism: its faces and implications

The term systemic racism is often misunderstood. During this session we will explore what systemic racism looks like nationally and locally. We will explore and discuss issues as broad as the fact that only 2 of the top 14 music executives are people of color; while only 1 of the 14 is a woman, to urban gardens in Philadelphia helping it become less of a food desert.

November 10: Factuality: A Game of Experiences

Factuality is a game that provides a crash course on systemic inequality in America. The game is s facilitated dialogue, and interactive experience, that simulates structural inequality, in America. Participants assume different identities, encountering a series of fact based advantages & limitations based on the intersection of their race, class, gender, faith, sexual orientation, age, and ability.

December 8: Algorithm Bias

Algorithm bias is the lack of fairness that emerges from the output of a computer system. In collaboration with the Computer Science department this session will discuss algorithm bias, how to be mindful of it and curb the impact.

January 12: Student of Color Experience

This year we have committed to actively creating systemic change in order to make all of our students truly have the EA experience. This session provides an opportunity for us to hear from our students experience and gain insight into their view of how progress is going.

February 9: Gender Dynamics and Casual Sexism

Are there certain messages that are given to students based on their gender identity? What can be done to recognize and speak out against sexism? Do students feel pressure to fit into certain boxes? Discuss these questions and more during this session.

March 9: Welcome to Wakanda

From film, television, literature, fashion, and music. We'll explore how much representation matters and the impact of non-White popular culture.

April 27: Inclusivity in the Curriculum

As we approach the end of the school year, let's look back at positive changes that have brought more voices to light. Think about how you can continue this progress next school year. Let's come together and discuss the progress and areas of growth in our curricula as we challenge ourselves to make learning at EA more and more inclusive.