Learning About Black History Through Music

Middle and Upper School students enjoyed Key Arts Productions' performance of Soul Sounds during a combined assembly on Monday, Feb. 6.

"Soul Sounds did an excellent job highlighting Black culture and music with the slideshow and the performers' beautiful voices," shared Lauren Williams '24. "I found myself smiling from start to finish, as each song and performance seemed to elevate the energy and excitement in the room."

The touring ensemble highlighted Black musicians and the important role they have played in Black history. The multimedia performance included archival photos and video. Members of Key Arts Productions performed various styles of music, including gospel, the blues, jazz, rhythm and blues, Motown, and soul.

"I loved that the EA community got to experience a little change of pace with the performance," reflected Lydia Nawrocki '23. "I believe that it is not very often that we are able to get together as a full community, especially Upper and Middle School both, and we were able experience something very special."

"This show highlighted the importance and inspiration of African American music," explained DEI Director Ayinde Tate. "As our community traveled through time, we learned about the many cultural influences of various styles of music."

"I loved the creative style of the performance. It was nice to learn in a fashion that wasn't just lecturing," said Dylan Unruh '24. "I didn't know about the deep roots of African American music, so that was really interesting."

"I discovered that most current music is based on African tribal music. That music became the blueprint of modern music seen today," said Lauren. "It was truly a wonderful and memorable interactive experience."

"I found that it was much more memorable to learn about Black history through music, video clips, and narration than through a simple speech," said Lydia.

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