May Term Minute: May 29

May Term (formerly JTerm) is a two-week academic program in which students and teachers explore a diversity of innovative topics in great depth. Every day, we will highlight a few moments from May Term in our May Term Minute. For more updates, follow us on Instagram or Twitter.

May Term Day 7: Wednesday, May 29

Cars and How to Have Fun Keeping Them Running: Students hit the road to tour local car dealerships on Wednesday. The first stop was the Tesla dealership in Devon where students checked out cars in the showroom. They reviewed and were wowed by the various options to place a custom order. The next stop was Granite Run GMC Buick where they were welcomed by EA dad Ryan Irish.

Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy: Dissection topped the agenda on Wednesday as students started their day by dissecting and learning the intricacies of an animal heart. In the afternoon, student scientists dissected rats as they continue to build their knowledge of vertebrate anatomy.

Deep Dive: Students spent the day in Wildwood Crest, NJ. The class began the morning by studying at the Wetlands Institute's Science Education at Sea (SEAS) program, an educational boat excursion that covers a broad range of subject material including specimen collection and sea animal biology. They later took off on a kayaking adventure.

Forensics and Canine Connections were visited by Officer Jennifer Cocco of the Radnor Police, and her k-9 unit dog, Rocky. Students learned about Rocky's tracking and bomb detection skills as well as Officer Cocco's experience working and living with Rocky, who has been with her for five years. After her presentation, Officer Cocco allowed the students to pet the sweet german shepherd but cautioned you should never pet a working dog without asking its handler first.

Learning to Lead: Students spent the morning touring Villanova University and meeting with Dr. Joyce Russell, Dean of Villanova's School of Business, who shared many of her top leadership lessons. After returning to campus, students welcomed Dana Strong, President of Consumer Services at Comcast, to the classroom. She shared tips on how to motivate team members and build a strong network. One common theme that continues to be shared by all guests is the importance of empathy in leadership.

Taking it to the Streets: Musicians have been sharing their talents throughout May Term in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and New York City. On Tuesday, students performed for delighted commuters outside of Penn Station and Madison Square Garden before heading off to see a matinee of Dear Evan Hanson. On Wednesday, the students sang at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal, Washington Square, Times Square, and Lincoln Center. Tonight, they will wrap-up their trip to NYC by attending a performance of My Fair Lady.

Walk with Me: Students visited the Chester Charter School of the Arts. After touring their K-12 school building, each student was paired up with a Kindergarten, 1st, or 4th grade class. The kids loved learning, sharing their stories, and playing outside. After, the class discussed the similarities and differences between the school and our own EA experience.

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