Max Kelly '06: Teacher, Coach, and Alumnus

I graduated from Episcopal in 2006. Though I first returned to the school to coach water polo in 2010, I later began my career in education after the Head of Upper School allowed me to sit in on a few of his classes. Today, I teach Middle and Upper School history courses, including Pre-Modern and Military History.

EA helped me become the teacher I am today in so many ways. First and foremost, I have great respect for the teachers who inspired me as a student. EA has also supported me as I received my Masters in Education, and has continued to support me as I now pursue my second Masters in International Relations.

EA gave me the flexibility to explore different content areas, resulting in designing new electives in International Relations and National Security: Contemporary Warfare. I also hope to soon take advantage of the school's travel grants to increase the quality of my content through real-life experiences and on-site research.

In addition to the school's partial tuition reimbursement, travel grants, and other opportunities, I find that the most genuine professional development is found in everyday conversations with colleagues. Working with such dedicated, energetic professionals who are passionate about their content inspires me to become a better teacher. This is one of my favorite things about working at EA.

My other favorite thing, of course, is working with students. Whether it is as their water polo coach or as their teacher, I find it so rewarding to see students work together, form complex and sophisticated thoughts, and grow in character and intelligence.

It's this drive to foster students' intellectual curiosity and help them develop academically, athletically, personally, and ethically that has remained unchanged since my student years.

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