Andrea Yu: Upper School Librarian

My path to EA was anything but linear. Originally from San Diego, I majored in music performance and science education in undergrad, only to realize that my greatest fulfilment came from my hours of working in the library. After getting my master's in library science from Catholic University, I performed archival work, resource sharing, and collections management for the Washington Research Libraries Consortium.

I came to EA simply because I missed the renewed energy and fulfillment of working with students. Through the recruitment process, I was impressed with the school – not only does it emulate college-level instruction, but it truly invests in its library program. Compared to peer private and public school libraries, we have one of the largest departments with five full-time librarians and two full-time assistants. While others cut their program, EA consistently secures funding to support us in helping our students navigate a world where information is power.

EA allows faculty to grow, experiment, and take chances. In addition to working with students, I'm the advisor for Student Council, Book Club, and the Asian-American Student Union. I collaborate with teachers in leveraging technology and information systems to craft dynamic lessons, and I work as a research partner with students. This flexibility in role is one of my favorite aspects of the EA faculty experience.

Equally empowering is EA's genuine support of professional development. EA administration understands that to be the best possible educator, you have to be your best possible self. I have grown immensely through library and DEI conferences, workshops, and meetings, and the lessons I have gleaned through these experiences help me to meet the high standards of excellence that define our EA faculty community.

I love so much about my job. However, nothing is more fulfilling than what I first came here to do: work with students. EA students are inquisitive and confident. They actively explore passions, and do not let their favorite sport or subject define them. I feel so fortunate to work with them every day, and to be a part of this community.

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