Amy Walling, Associate Director of Admission and Retention; EA Parent
While I have worked at EA since 2014, I have been a part of the school community for over two decades as a parent of four proud EA graduates.

Episcopal's warm, welcoming community has never ceased to amaze me. Everybody involved, from parents and students to faculty and administration, embrace every type of child and encourage them to develop their own unique passions.

Parents have great respect for the faculty here because the end product of an EA education is a student who graduates with confidence, a passion for learning, and compassion for others. Teachers constantly strive to learn more, define their craft better, and serve their students to achieve this end product. In short, they truly care about their students.

I feel fortunate to work with great people and for a great cause. I've been here for so long that I take it for granted, but when I take families on tours through my work in the Admissions Office, I hope my passion and pride comes through because I truly feel that EA is a special place.

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