Recurring Giving

Recurring giving is an easy way to contribute to The Episcopal Fund in a way that fits your budget.

By becoming a RepEAt donor, you’ll show your loyalty to Episcopal and make a year-round impact on our students and faculty.

Why Become a RepEAt donor?

  • It’s convenient and quick. Easily make recurring gifts online at Your gift will automatically be processed each month. By doing so, you’ll sustain EA for as long as you’d like, and you’ll receive fewer fundraising communications.
  • It’s accessible. Support EA however it best fits your budget. If a $100 one-time gift is too onerous, consider giving $10 each month instead. You will increase your long-term investment in EA while minimizing the immediate impact on your wallet.

Your Recurring Impact

If you have questions or need to cancel your recurring donation, please contact Leigh Stewart at (484) 424-1772.

Becoming a RepEAt donor is a flexible way to join the Advocate Council - a group of leadership donors who contribute $1,785 or more to EA in one fiscal year.

Young alumni of the last 20 years can join the Advocate Council with annual gifts of $100 - $1,000 depending on their graduation year. See your class year's annual and month giving levels below (monthly gifts rounded by increments of $5.)

2001 +: $ 1,785 per year, or approximately $150 per month

2002-2006: $1,000 per year, or approximately $85 per month

2007-2012: $500 per year, or approximately $45 per month

2013-2017: $250 per year, or approximately $25 per month

2018-2021: $100 per year, or approximately $10 per month