Crew - Girls Varsity

About EA Crew:

  • EA female rowers won the last 13 Inter-Ac Championships;
  • In 2014, EA rowers won the Girls Varsity 4+ trophy at the Philadelphia City Championship, the Bronze medal in the Stotesbury Cup Regatta and the Silver medal in the National Schools Regatta;
  • In 2014, EA Boys’ Varsity 4+ won the Philadelphia City Championship and the Stotesbury Cup Regatta, the Silver medal in the SRAA Championship and the National Schools Championship.

2016 Season Recap:

The rowing team had an exceptional year. Ten members of our team are Philadelphia City champions and Stotesbury champions, some for the second year in a row. Another four were medalists at the Cities, the Stotesbury, and Nationals. In addition, five of our varsity letter winners are National champions. Though we will miss Charlie Jordan, Billy Hartman, Qays Ladha, Griffin Kearney, Laura Zecca, Haley Potter, and Morgan Lindblad, everyone else is returning next year!

Alas, none of this success is possible without many factors. First and foremost, we have the best, most attentive, and most dedicated parents. They feed the troops through long days and weekends of racing. Our athletic trainers hold us together so that our athletes are ready to go when we start our travels to the river in late-February. Thank you to Mrs. Gallagher for her patience in securing daily transportation for the team and in making sure that all is in order. We appreciate that Miss Buggy and Mr. Farrell are always positive, even as the sky is falling, the wind is whirling, and the temperatures seem are freezing. Finally, we thank any fans who are not related to us but still showed up at the river. Without all these stars in line, the magic would never find us at the river.

Record: 0-0