Crew - Boys Varsity

About EA Crew:

  • EA female rowers won the last 13 Inter-Ac Championships;
  • In 2014, EA rowers won the Girls Varsity 4+ trophy at the Philadelphia City Championship, the Bronze medal in the Stotesbury Cup Regatta and the Silver medal in the National Schools Regatta;
  • In 2014, EA Boys’ Varsity 4+ won the Philadelphia City Championship and the Stotesbury Cup Regatta, the Silver medal in the SRAA Championship and the National Schools Championship.

2018 Season Recap:

The Spring of 2018 will be forever remembered as the Spring of Wind. The rowers battled this in conjunction with cooler than normal temperatures and a lot of high water. But the rowers persevered and had a strong year. The novice boys earned a bronze medal and the novice girls won the gold medal at the Philadelphia City Championships. The girls’ varsity quad won silver medals at the Cities, the Stotesbury Cup Regatta, and the SRAA national. The varsity girls' quad also won first place at the National Schools Championship Regatta in June. The very young boys varsity earned a spot in the grand final of the Stotesbury and in the petite final of the nationals. This, with the great improvement of our junior varsity rowers and novice men, bodes well for our seasons in the foreseeable future.

The EA Oar Award- Harry James Pusey '19

The Scholar Athlete Award- Schuyler Kresge '18

The Mind, Body, and Spirit Award- Schuyler Kresge '18

Record: 0-0
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