Athletic Training

Episcopal's Athletic Training program is overseen by two full time in-house trainers. Trainers work towards the prevention, care, and rehabilitation of the athletic injuries sustained by the EA student-athletes. Having full-time, in-house trainers allows them to evaluate, treat, and rehabilitate during lunch or free periods. Athletic trainers are always out on the fields during practice and competition in order to handle injuries that may occur.

Concussion Information

Episcopal Academy is a subscriber of the ImPACT program. We use the program as a tool to help determine when it is safe for a student to return to physical activity following a concussion. We are also able to assist a student’s doctor by providing a baseline score that is unique to each individual student. Please note that this test is used only as a tool to ensure a safe return to physical activity and not to diagnose a concussion.

Beginning in the 2011-2012 academic year, Episcopal Academy required every student to have an up-to-date baseline test prior to the first day of practices. In accordance with guidelines set forth by ImPACT and the American Academy of Pediatrics, students will be tested beginning in their 7th grade year. Students will also be tested in 9th and 11th grade. Students who do not meet this requirement will be held out of sports until they complete their baseline test.

In order to attain the best results, we must test each student every two years in order to establish a baseline or normal value for each individual.

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Athletic Trainers