EA Squash History Book

Squash has a rich history at The Episcopal Academy. In an effort to celebrate the players and success of EA’s many winning squash teams, a book is being written to chronicle the history and tremendous accomplishments of EA squash. Squash writer Rob Dinerman is gathering information and recollections for the upcoming book. Rob has authored books about squash for Harvard University, Princeton University, and Deerfield Academy in recent years.

Squash was first played at Episcopal in 1930. For nearly 90 years there have been many championship teams, including a four-year stretch (2009-2012) when the boys’ varsity team won the U.S. Squash National High School Team Championship. The girls’ varsity won the championship title in 2007. EA squash players have contributed to US Squash in many ways. Most notably, eight of EA's players and coaches are in the US Squash Hall of Fame.

Save the Date: Celebration of Squash at The Episcopal Academy

Saturday, February 9, 2019 at The Episcopal Academy

Join us as we celebrate the remarkable legacy of squash at The Episcopal Academy. We will honor notable teams, players, and coaches of past and present and reveal the final copy of Robert Dinerman’s A History of Squash at The Episcopal Academy.

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