Alumni Society

The Alumni Society is an independent association currently comprised of approximately 4,600 graduates from EA. Its purpose is to represent alumni; to help connect members to each other, to classmates, and to the school; and to insure alumni interests are represented within the EA Community.

Its roots go back to 1785 and thus it is thought to be the oldest Society in the Inter-Ac League, if not the Delaware Valley. It originated Alumni Prizes in Greek, Latin, English and Math, precursors to the present day Alumni Prizes. Although dues were originally required in order to be a member, this is no longer the case.

There is a Board of Managers of 16-18 who are elected by the Society’s members to a three year term each or appointed to fill a vacancy during a term. Generally, 1/3 of the Board runs for election every year; thereby providing continuity. The Board has officers currently consisting of the President, Vice-President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer.

Read the welcome letter by President Karen Marston '86 here.

Awards Dinner

The Alumni Society periodically plans, organizes, and presents the Awards Dinner at which recipients of various Awards are honored along with inductees into the Athletic Hall of Fame.

The Episcopal Academy Golf Tournament

Plan, organize, and conduct the annual Episcopal Academy Golf Tournament in May. This event brings together current and former parents, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends of the Academy at a local golf course followed by a reception and auction. This is the primary fundraising event for the Alumni Society and therefore provides the means with which scholarship obligations and other annual events are financed. For more information, contact

Senior Picnic

Sponsored and organized with the Alumni Office a picnic in June to congratulate seniors on their graduation and to welcome them into the Alumni Society.

Inter-Ac Championships

For more than 80 years, the Alumni Society has purchased and presented gold charms to Inter-Ac championship athletic teams.

EA/Haverford/AIS Picnic

With the Office of Institutional Advancement, organize and promote Alumni events during this fall weekend.

Alumni Weekend

With the Alumni and Advancement offices organize and promote this spring weekend during which significant reunions are held.

Help wanted from all alumni to ensure there are highly qualified individual nominees for each of the Alumni Awards described below and/or for The Athletic Hall of Fame. Simply complete a nomination form for the award in question.

Distinguished Alumni Award

Presented to an alumnus or alumna, graduate or non-graduate, or any honorary alumnus or alumna of The Episcopal Academy who has made a significant contribution in a particular area or in a broad range of achievement. This distinction could reflect outstanding career success, dedicated public service, loyal activity on behalf of the Academy, or any combination of leadership effectiveness.

2018 Recipient: Albert M. Maguire '78

Young Alumni Award

Established in 2005, this award is presented to an alumnus or alumna who has demonstrated exemplary qualities in mind, body or spirit within 15 years of graduation from Episcopal.These extraordinary accomplishments may be achieved in academics, athletics, the arts, community service/spiritual life or any combination of the above.

2018 RECIPIENTS: Brynn E. Marks '03 and Lauren B. Bobzin '04

Athletic Hall of Fame

The distinguished honor of being inducted into The Episcopal Academy’s Athletic Hall of Fame has been presented since 2000. It is to honor those members of Episcopal’s community (students, coaches, teams, and others) who, by outstanding achievement or service to Episcopal athletics, have made significant contributions to the athletic program at Episcopal. Click here for more information.

2018 Inductees:
SAmuel D. Allen, Jr. '54
Frederic N. Dittmann '71
Jerome (Gerald) McK. Henderson, Jr. '06
Brooke A. Owens '98
1979 Tennis Team
1985 Boys Cross Country Team
2000 Girls Soccer Team

Alumni Community Service Award

Given in recognition of the difference in a community one individual can make in the lives of others by volunteering his or her time and talents for the benefit of others aside from one’s immediate family, business or profession. The award is given for exceptional volunteer service.”

2018 RECIPIENT: William B. Richards '63

Distinguished Service Award

Presented for outstanding service to The Episcopal Academy as demonstrated by loyal participation in its support activities and exceptional contributions of time, effort or personal resources for the advancement of the Academy’s principles and objectives.

2018 Recipient: None

Alumni Spirit Award

Established in 2005, this award is presented to an alumnus or alumna who has demonstrated exceptional loyalty, service and devotion to the Academy in Regional Associations, Reunion Planning and/or Class Fundraising. This award is typically but not exclusively within 15 years of graduation from the Academy.

2018 Recipient: None

Alumni Award for Achievement in the Arts

Presented to an alumnus or alumna, graduate or non-graduate or honorary alumnus or alumna of The Episcopal Academy who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in the Arts, including, but not limited to the fields of music, dance, writing, production, architecture or other visual or oral arts.

2018 Recipient: Bruce F. Smith '64

Nominate today.

Do you know a fellow EA alum who deserves to be recognized? Fill out the nomination form below.


Karen Marston ’86

Vice President

Brett T. Meyers ’03


Adam J. Murray ’02


George Boyd ’54

Board of Managers

Amachie Ackah ’90

Armena M. Ballard ’06

Robert R. Bishop ’58

Andrew A. Brenner ’87

Lewis J. Hart, Jr. ’63

Scott G. Huston ’91

Michael E. Jacoby ’83

David D. Langfitt ’75

Grace (Cornelius) Limaye ’90

Keith Lunkenheimer ’06

Sonje (Volla) Moore ’95

Todd A. Pride ’85

Holly (Sando) Rieck ’91

Margaux Viola ’03

Caroline H. Waxler ’89

Garrett Wilson ’03

Alumni Society Presidents

2013-15: Edward S. Spofford ’77

2011-13: Edward L. Jones, III '87

2009-11: Karl R. Mayro '84

2007-09: Richard G. Crockett '82 †

2005-07: Charles W. Ogelsby '63

2003-05: John B. Rettew, III '50

2001-03: Francis J. Leto '77

1999-01: Richard P. Feimster '72

1997-99: Michael P. Shouvlin '50

1995-97: Graham F. Zug '70

1993-95: John C. van Roden, Jr. '67

1991-93: Joseph G. Duncan, IV '64

1988-91: Christopher S. D'Angelo '71

1986-88: Robert A. Gerhardt '52

1984-86: Joseph E. Colen, Jr. '57

1982-84: Donald P. Best '70

1980-82: Theodore Weston, II '35 †

1979-80: Thomas V. Zug, Jr. '64

1978-79: Jacob H. Vastine, III '46 †

1976-78: G. Lloyd Kirk '41 †

1974-76: Frederick C. Haab, Jr. '55

1972-74: Henderson Supplee, III '47

1970-72: E. Brooks Keffer, Jr. '47

1968-70: John K. Tompkins, III '49

1966-68: Paul W. Lunkenheimer '30 †

1964-66: F. Hastings Griffin, Jr. '39

† deceased