An Exceptional Education

Our mission is rooted in achieving a balance of challenging Mind, Body, and Spirit. As such, we structure our curricula and programming so students achieve an unparalleled balance – from the classroom to the field; from the studio to service.


Our 230-year tradition of providing a rigorous and challenging curriculum continues to empower students today. Our academic program employs a liberal arts curriculum rooted in classical education. From intellectual development to unparalleled college preparation, EA students are given the tools to succeed in the classroom and in life.


Our physical education and athletics requirements are focused on helping students develop an appreciation for leading a healthy lifestyle, the importance of teamwork, and the benefits of sportsmanship. Through the pursuit of athletic excellence, our coaches focus on team success while building young men and women of good character.


Through our regular Chapel services, religion curriculum, and reinforcement of Episcopal’s motto, Esse Quam Videri, and The Stripes, we nurture and develop faithful and compassionate young men and women who possess moral integrity and strong values.