Affording EA

EA is committed to enrolling a diverse student body from varying economic backgrounds. Financial aid requests have no impact on the admission decisions made by the Admission Committees.

All financial aid is based on demonstrated financial need, as determined by the information you provide the Student and School Service (SSS), an independent scholarship processing center. A copy of your most recent 1040 form(s) is also needed.

The Financial Aid Committee must consider each family's ability to pay, and the availability of Episcopal Academy's financial aid funds. Many more students apply for financial aid than we are able to assist. As a result, not every student who is offered admission and who demonstrates financial need will be able to receive a financial aid grant.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition is inclusive of most fees. Please ask the admission officer with whom you meet about specific additional fees for your child's grade.

Lower School
PreK: $22,950
K: $24,900
1-2: $27,300
3: $27,600
4: $29,600
5: $30,250
Middle School
6-8: $32,995

Upper School
9-12: $36,500

Financial Aid

All families must provide EA with the following documentation to complete the financial aid process:

Step 1: Submit a Parents Financial Statement (PFS) to the NAIS School & Student Services online as soon as possible, by January 10.

Step 2: Submit your most recent 1040 Federal Tax Return (tax year prior to the school year for which you are applying), including all W-2s and appropriate schedules to the Director of Financial Aid by February 10.