Meet the Head

As Head of Upper School, Mr. Michael Letts leads a dynamic academic community dedicated to ensuring student success.

“What I enjoy most about the Upper School, and the EA faculty at large, is being able to spend each day with such an eclectic and thoughtful community that shares my passion for supporting, educating, and challenging students.”

Mr. Letts believes that a hands-on approach to education and individualized attention help each student develop a strong sense of self, a drive to learn, and a deep respect for others.

“I want to build trusting and lasting relationships with students in order to provide the best possible instruction and support,” explains Mr. Letts. “I believe in high expectations balanced with individual attention, targeted support, and clear and direct communication.”

Mr. Letts holds a Bachelor’s degree from Bucknell and a Master’s degree from Northeastern. He first joined Episcopal in 2004 and has served many roles, including form dean, director of communication, and English teacher. Prior to Episcopal, Mr. Letts was a journalist and administrator at Rosemont College.

When not on campus, Mr. Letts enjoys spending time with his children, Alex ’25, Rachel ’22, and Sarah ’20. He loves to travel, hike and bike in the Poconos, and coach his son’s soccer and basketball teams.