Computer science and technology are core components of our classical, liberal arts education.

At Episcopal, we believe that technology enhances curriculum, empowers faculty, and helps students gain a competitive edge in tomorrow's global economy. When students master the use of technology or learn the fundamentals of computer science, they learn to effectively solve problems, design innovative solutions, and think creatively.


The Tools for Success

Students of every division have access to emerging technology. From the one-to-one laptop program that begins in 4th grade to 3D printers, SmartBoards, Apple TVs, and high-speed wireless internet available to all students and teachers, innovation is seen in every corner. Our Information Technology staff and Computer Science & Engineering academic department help students and teachers harness technology for optimal academic success.


In the Curriculum

Our Computer Science & Engineering academic department offers comprehensive coursework for students of every age. Courses in app development, computer programming, and engineering provide Upper Schoolers with real-world opportunities to explore the ever-evolving IT landscape. Middle School students may participate in Robotics or gain problem-solving skills through a Minecraft elective. Lower Schoolers learn everything from coding to design thinking in their very own maker lab IDEA Studio.

Faculty Expertise

Our faculty understand the power of technology - both for its use in the classroom, and for what it teaches students. Teachers receive ongoing training, support, and professional development from our Computer Science & Engineering department to ensure optimal use of the latest, most effective classroom innovations.

Academic and technical support specialists act as resources to address questions and meet any technological challenge with helpful solutions.