Meet the Head

With two decades of experience in private and public school education, Ms. Imana Legette brings a fresh perspective to EA as Head of Middle School.

After earning her Bachelors in Education from the University of North Carolina – Charlotte and her Master’s from Pepperdine University, she taught middle school and served as Director of Educational Technology at Charlotte Country Day School and most recently served as Director of Diversity and Inclusion at the William Penn Charter School.

Her passion for working with Middle School students is apparent.

“Middle School can be challenging, but it’s a great age,” she explains. “Middle Schoolers are funny, impressionable, and moldable. The adults who teach them must find creative and thoughtful ways to strike balances between providing independence, nurture, and love.”

Ms. Legette believes in meeting students where they are. “Not every student is a straight-A student. Not every student is an extrovert. But every student, including our straight-A extroverts and everyone in between, deserves our attention and respect. Every student deserves to feel like an essential part of our community. Instead of asserting who we think they should be, we serve them better when we give each individual the specific tools they need to succeed.”

When Ms. Legette is not inspiring students, she enjoys travel, photography, and reading. She is also passionate about community service and hopes to raise her two children, Nyah and Nathan, to be positive forces in the world.

“We begin each day with gratitude,” she explains. “At the end of the day, I always ask them, ‘How did you help someone else today?’”