Meet our Faculty

At The Episcopal Academy, faculty are more than dedicated educators - they are lifelong learners and cherished student mentors.

They represent alumni, parents, coaches, and volunteers. They span generations and backgrounds, and they inspire our students to explore a wide variety of academic, artistic, athletic, and spiritual passions.

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Lower School

Middle School

Mark Luff, English
We instill in our students a strong interest or love in a subject they like and the perseverance to work in a class of less interest to them. We have helped them see the value in asking effective questions, listening attentively, and managing time responsibly.
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Larry Henderson, History
I always tell people, "Kids don't care what you know until they know that you care." As a man of faith, I believe that we are held accountable by God for how we shape these kids. We must ask ourselves, "How can we make an impact together? How can we work together as a family? How can we strive to be great?"
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Upper School