College Counseling


The Episcopal Academy College Counseling Office believes that the college search is a wonderful time of exploration and self-discovery for young men and women. Through this process, students recognize their strengths, limits, needs, and goals. Utilizing thoughtful self-assessment, students choose paths for themselves which meet their personal criteria and which will provide a challenging academic and social environment in which they can flourish in their years beyond EA.

As college counselors, we are resources for students and parents throughout the entire process. We value our students as unique individuals and believe in their ability to make wise, informed decisions as they take this critical next step in their educational journey. Since the students’ needs and aspirations are the focal point, it is our philosophy that strong communication between students, parents, and college counselors lays at the heart of a meaningful and successful college admission process.

We appreciate that a difficult decision like this can be cause for apprehension among students. We stand ready, as counselors, to lessen anxiety, assist with details, and make the college admission process a constructive, educational, and fulfilling one.

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