Hirtle Summer Program for Innovative Schools

Professional development opportunities for teachers and school leaders.

The Hirtle Summer Program for Innovative Schools provides opportunities for teachers and school leaders to come together to explore opportunities to transform our learning spaces into dynamic, interactive learning communities.

Hosted by The Episcopal Academy, the program includes workshops targeting educators interested in growing their skills, connecting with colleagues from other schools who share a passion for excellence in teaching, and exploring innovative educational topics.

Explore Hirtle 2018.

This summer, the Hirtle Summer Program for Innovative Schools will host Coaching for the Classroom: An Introduction to Instructional Coaching (June 11-14) and PBL+ Workshop @ EA (June 19-21).

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Coaching for the Classroom: An Introduction to Instructional Coaching

June 11-14: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Instructional coaching is taking hold as a positively impactful model helping teachers develop and grow in their practice. Through targeted, thoughtful reflection, participants in the instructional coaching model grow as educators and discover new ways to more fully serve students.

This intensive, four-day institute is designed to help educators develop and expand their knowledge of instructional coaching models. Teachers-coaches in this course will learn about several models of coaching, examine best practices for leading productive discussions with future clients, explore adult learning, examine their own beliefs about coaching, and develop a “coaching manifesto” to guide them in their work with teachers.

Participants will leave the course with a deeper understanding of instructional coaching models and a broad array of tools and techniques they can use to help improve instruction, teaching, and learning in their schools.

Taught by Grace Limaye and Allison Schultz from The Episcopal Academy Center for Teaching and Learning

PBL+ Workshop @ EA

June 19-21: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Problem-based learning (PBL) is an applied approach in which students learn by working together in groups to find solutions to open-ended and relevant problems. In addition to problem-solving, students develop reasoning, communication, and self-assessment skills in the process.

PBL captures students’ attention and fosters engagement as the problems are typically drawn from real-life scenarios. This three-day workshop will offer teachers a chance to explore ways to bring PBL to their classrooms.

The first two days of the workshop will be led by PBL expert Dr. Mark Serva, Ph.D. of Problem-Based Learning at University of Delaware. Dr. Serva will provide participants with an overview of PBL, examples of its successful implementation, opportunities to develop problems and assessments specific to their curricula. He will also introduce team-based learning methods that teachers can use to help students tackle problems. On the third day of the workshop, Episcopal’s Center for Teaching and Learning staff will guide teachers through further development of their problems and the building-out of complete units for immediate use in the classroom.

Taught by Dr. Mark Serva of The University of Delaware

Who should go?

The Hirtle Summer Program's 2018 workshops are perfect for any educator who is passionate about teaching and learning.

Teachers of every grade, experience level, and content area can benefit from Hirtle, from new teachers who would like to network with passionate colleagues from around the country to veteran educators who wish to expand their toolkits with the newest thinking.



The Hirtle Summer Program is held at The Episcopal Academy in historic Newtown Square, PA, 15 miles outside of Philadelphia. Founded in 1785, The Episcopal Academy is a PreK-12, co-educational day school. Learn more about EA or explore our 122-acre campus.


Daily lunch is included.


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