Center for Teaching and Learning

By fostering community collaboration, offering tailored support, and encouraging sustained growth in teaching, The Episcopal Academy Center for Teaching and Learning seeks to provide teachers with the foundation to maximize every opportunity for students to learn.

Since 2017, The Episcopal Academy Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) has provided EA teachers with personalized support to spark collaboration and inspire innovation in the classroom. The CTL delivers on-campus, on-demand professional development, powered by the CTL team’s meticulous research of the latest educational methods and tools.

The ever-expanding list of CTL programming includes personalized one-on-one instructional coaching, on-campus workshops and seminars, visits from thought leaders in education, an educational resource library, professional reading groups, and regular updates on research.

The CTL’s support is a critical component in both ensuring the best educational experience for EA students, and helping to foster EA’s culture of continuous improvement, collaboration, teamwork, and camaraderie among faculty.


Plugged In: Helping EA Teachers Make Tech-Savvy Transitions

When EA Remote Learning became the new normal, it left Middle School math teacher Jay Jennings looking for a flexible, easy-to-use app for his geometry and Honors Algebra II students. To find the right tool, he turned to EA's Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL).

Perfect Translation: Taking Upper School French Online

When EA Remote Learning called on Furey to transition the vitality she is known for to a virtual setting, she immediately knew where to turn for added guidance: the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), a resource Furey has known and embraced since its earliest days during the 2017–18 academic year.

A Division Connected: EA's Middle School

What does a baking competition, a trick shot showdown, and a dance-off have in common? If you're an EA Middle Schooler, these have been the themes of recent Quarantine Challenges, which build community even in the most challenging of times.