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    Erika Acuff Erndl ’96 profiled in August issue of Main Line Today

    Erika Acuff Erndl ’96 was a six-time prep all-America swimmer at The Episcopal Academy. She still holds six University of North Carolina long-course records, and she competed in four Olympic Trials. Though she’s now 36, Erndl remains on the U.S. national team and is profiled in the August 2014 issue of Main Line Today magazine. To read the story, click more.

  • Rohan Rajagopalan ’14, Jeffrey Hu ’14, and Chester Thai ’14 are among the 113 EA students to receive AP Scholar Award honors.

    113 Episcopal Academy students earn AP® Scholar Awards

    A remarkable 113 students from The Episcopal Academy have earned AP Scholar Awards in recognition of their exceptional achievement on AP exams. The College Board's Advanced Placement Program (AP®) recognizes several levels of achievement based on student’s performance on AP Exams. To read about the Episcopal Aacdemy students who excelled on the AP exams, click more.

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    EA community celebrates the life of Evie O’Brian ’14

    The July 23rd memorial service for our beloved Evie O’Brian '14 in the Class of 1944 Chapel was a beautiful tribute to her memory. Approximately 1,500 people came to campus to celebrate Evie’s life, and the outpouring of support for Evie and her family from all parts of the EA community was tremendous. To read more about the service, click more.

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    Brett Carty ’00 kickstarts his publishing career

    After his father passed away in 2003, Carty wrote a premise for his first children’s book. The story, which would later be titled “As Long as the Sky is Blue,” tells the story of a special father-son bond. Carty has created a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund printing and distribution of his book that he wrote and illustrated. To read more about Carty and his Kickstarter campaign to get the book published, click more.

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    Dean of Faculty Doug Parsons is following in William Woodsworth’s footsteps

    Thanks to a generous grant from the Crawford Hill Fund, Upper School English teacher and Dean of Faculty Doug Parsons will be “Following in the Footsteps of William Wordsworth” from July 22-August 1. Doug will be visiting the sites that were important to Wordsworth and his poetry: Salisbury Plain, Holford in Somerset where Wordsworth and Coleridge composed Lyrical Ballads, the Wye Valley and Tintern Abbey, Mount Snowden in northwestern Wales, and of course England’s Lake District, where Wordsworth was born, grew up, and spent most of his adult life. If you’ve never read Wordsworth, or if you’ve read him a little bit and would like to read some more, follow Doug as he retraces Wordsworth's footsteps by clicking more.

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    Ben Burman ’15 playing in this weekend’s Big 26 Baseball Classic

    Junior Ben Burman, who led Episcopal Academy’s baseball team in batting average, hits, and RBIs this season, is representing the state of Pennsylvania in the 3rd Annual Big 26 Baseball Classic this weekend at Metro Bank Park in Harrisburg, Pa. The Big 26 Classic has a community service component as well as each player, including Burman, is paired for the weekend with a “Big 26 Buddy,” a person between the ages of 5 and 21 with special needs who receives special educational services due to their disabilities. Ben was pictured in today’s Harrisburg Patriot-News, running toward home plate with his “buddy”—Matthew Sites of Shippensburg. To read more about Ben, click more.




Esse Quam Videri Retreat

Location: EA Newtown Sq. Time: 8:00am

Esse Quam Videri Retreat

Location: EA Newtown Sq. Time: 8:00am

Meet EA/Dorney Park

Location: Middle School Study Hall Time: 8:00am

Upper School Outward Bound Duffle Shuffle

Location: Field House Time: 5:00pm

Upper School Outward Bound Course - III Form 8/13-8/18

Location: EA Newtown Sq. Time: 5:00am