Mission & Strategic Plan

Challenging and nurturing Mind, Body, and Spirit, we inspire boys and girls to lead lives of purpose, faith, and integrity.


Our Objectives

  • To provide students with a challenging curriculum designed to develop their intellectual powers.
  • To help students develop habits of industry and thoroughness and a desire for knowledge.
  • To offer students the opportunity to learn and play in a diverse school community, so that they may be prepared to be leaders in a society whose different races, cultures, and classes live and work together in harmony.
  • To teach that our American republican form of government based on democratic principles requires the concern, participation, and, on occasion, sacrifice of every citizen.
  • To guide students' attitudes toward all people so that their actions reflect understanding and respect, and their behavior shows honesty, decency, and a sense of duty.
  • To develop both leadership and cooperation by giving opportunities in all facets of school life for initiative and responsibility, tact and self-control.
  • To encourage the care and development of the body through teaching intelligent health habits and through encouraging participation in a diversity of vigorous physical activities, many of which can be enjoyed throughout life.
  • To nourish their powers of appreciation and creativity, so that they may enjoy their cultural heritages and engage in works of worthwhile self-expression.
  • To be respectful of all faiths and recognize that the presence of students, families, and faculty of varied religions and backgrounds is vital to the vibrancy of our diverse community. That said, at Episcopal we practice our religious traditions every day, and we welcome and expect participation by all.

Our Beliefs

At The Episcopal Academy, we take a robust approach to Mind, Body, and Spirit, not as discrete activities, but as an holistic approach to educating, nurturing, and developing boys and girls. We do not believe that Mind, Body, and Spirit are competing interests at Episcopal, but rather that the three are clearly inseparable and mutually reinforcing.


  • The pursuit of learning is a work for a lifetime.
  • Learning emerges from and builds on experience and discovery.


  • A healthy lifestyle, including appropriate education and lifelong physical activity, enhances individual mental and spiritual health.
  • Athletic competition and sportsmanship contribute to the mental and spiritual well-being of individuals and communities.


  • Everyone has inherent worth as a creation of God.
  • Every individual shares responsibility for the community.
  • Individual moral integrity and a core of common values are essential to every community.
  • Mutual respect among people of varied backgrounds and perspectives leads to positive, beneficial relationships.
  • Individuals thrive in a safe, nurturing environment where they can be comfortable in taking risks and where they can develop their talents.